Are you seeking a way to make your business more organized and productive? Look no further than Philadelphia Dynamics CRM from TechWise Group! This technology from Microsoft provides a place to keep track of all of your customers, prospects and vendors. Just think of it as a Rolodex that shows up in the Cloud instead of sitting on your desk.

With Dynamics CRM in Philadelphia, you’ll be able to seamlessly manage your customer experience from start to finish. That’s because this technology offers all of the following capabilities:

  • Manage marketing tasks and lists in one place
  • Track leads and follow up on them
  • Manage sales opportunities, including all of the correspondences and documents
  • See a comprehensive view of all activity for a single customer
  • Track customer interactions and support requests
  • Create sales objectives and track metrics
  • View important information about your customers
  • Create a secure social experience to help your team collaborate and communicate about customers
  • Easily search for customer information
  • Control accessibility of customer information
  • Share business data with dashboards
  • …and more!

With these features from Dynamics CRM in Philadelphia, you and your coworkers will enjoy a more structured work environment. In addition, you’ll have an easier time satisfying your valued customers. What could be better?

What Makes TechWise Group the Superior Philadelphia Dynamics CRM Consultant?

Here at TechWise Group, we’re firm believers in the power of Dynamics CRM for businesses. That’s because we’ve seen the great results this technology has produced for hundreds of our clients. Over the years, we’ve assisted more than 200 companies with evaluating and deploying Dynamics CRM and other Microsoft Cloud technologies, including:

  • Azure
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • SharePoint

Now we’re ready to help your small- or medium-sized business implement our business productivity solutions. When you hire us for the job, we’ll provide:

  • Fast and easy data migrations from your current system to Dynamics CRM
  • Assistance with deployment and setup of the technology
  • Integration with other technologies (Azure, Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, etc.)
  • Technology training for everyone at your company
  • Ongoing, as-needed support and troubleshooting assistance

If you’re ready to get started with TechWise Group, give us a call today at 610-353-9010 or visit us on the web. You can also send us an email at We look forward to showing you why we’re known as the company for Dynamics CRM Philadelphia companies can rely on!