Automobile Dealerships

TechWise Group has extensive experience working with the unique technology needs of automobile dealerships. As a member of the Automobile Association of Greater Philadelphia, we have a deep understanding of what your business needs to run smoothly and improve efficiency.

We address the day-to-day issues of dealerships such as

  • Ongoing support of in-house networks and computers
  • Managing online access and implementing browse control solutions
  • Improving phone and email connectivity

We can also support your dealership with strategic initiatives to help grow your business and improve efficiency, including

  • Planning showroom build-outs to support technology
  • Recommending solutions to improve efficiency and accelerate sales
  • Improving workflow and managing customer inquiries for online sales desks
  • Planning virtual desktop solutions for remote sales staff

Contact us today to learn how to we can keep the technology at your dealership running smoothly, and use it to help grow your business.