Business Productivity Solutions

Make your business more productive, collaborate, access information where and when you need it, share information securely, manage customer relationships, data and interactions, automate work processes and so much more with Dynamics CRM, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM is customer relationship management solution designed to manage the relationship you value the most… your customers. Dynamics CRM enables sales, marketing and customer service processes through workflow, visualization, automation and reporting.
  • Microsoft SharePoint provides a single platform that helps your organization share, manage and find information. SharePoint allows organizations to manage access to documents, manage versions, search across information and create workflows,
  • OneDrive for Business gives users in your organization a place to store their personal business related files while also allowing for centralized management and control of the information. In addition it offers some of the version and workflow features in SharePoint.

TechWise Group can help your organization understand and effectively utilize these technologies separately or together to build powerful solutions for your business.   Or services encompass the full lifecycle of these solutions from initial evaluation through development, data migration, ongoing support for your users and administrators, training and archiving data.




Our Services Include…

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Is your organization ready for the cloud? Understand what functions can be moved to the cloud, needed improvements to your network and desktops, address compliance concerns and inventory data for migration. Make sure your business is really cloud ready.


Understand business requirements and map the business requirements to SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and OneDrive for Business.

Configuration & Customization

Make SharePoint and Dynamics CRM work for your business. Develop workflows, integrations between services, develop custom forms, reports, and views.


Integrate SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and OneDrive with each other or with other applications such as QuickBooks and WordPress.


Identify and migrate data from legacy systems and files shares.