Wouldn’t it be nice to have a virtual space where everyone from your company could collaborate? Believe it or not, such a thing exists! It’s called SharePoint, and we here at TechWise Group specialize in implementing it. Whether your company is small- or medium-sized, we guarantee that you’ll benefit from the many features offered by Chester County SharePoint. With this technology, you’ll be able to:

  • Protect critical business data – IP, pricing, contracts, formulas and personnel records
  • Create a secure hub for sharing information with employees and/or vendors
  • Enjoy a highly social experience with all of your team members, no matter where they may be working
  • Easily organize and search for essential business information
  • Control who has access to all of your information
  • Share business data with dashboards
  • Create apps to track PTO, expenses, projects, assets and more

With these capabilities, you and your coworkers will be able to share ideas, communicate seamlessly and collaborate on projects more easily than ever before. Just think of Chester County SharePoint as a server-shared folder that is available in the Cloud for everyone to use.

Why Is TechWise the Superior Choice for Chester County SharePoint?

Now that we’ve filled you in on the basics of SharePoint, we’d like to give you some insight on what makes TechWise Group the best place for deployment of this useful technology. When you partner with us for SharePoint in Chester County, we’ll offer your company:

  • Fast and simple migrations – We make data migration a quick and stress-free process!
  • Experience – Our team is well versed in every aspect of SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies.
  • Integration – We have the know-how to seamlessly put SharePoint together with Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Azure and more.
  • Training – Need help learning how to navigate SharePoint? We’ll be there every step of the way to provide ongoing, as-needed training and assistance.

As you can see, TechWise Group is highly capable when it comes to implementing Chester County SharePoint into your existing system. That’s why we’re the leading SMB-focused Microsoft partner in Eastern Pennsylvania!

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