Person working at a laptop utilizing 3 Microsoft tools to manage every task and email

3 Tools to Manage Every Task and Email

It can be difficult to stay on top of tasks, project timelines, to-dos and the like – especially when people are recording tasks in various locations. Instead of constantly switching between calendars, apps, browsers, and windows to stay on top of action-items, it’s possible to simplify the process. As we continue to explore Office productivity tools this month, we want to highlight 3 new features that integrate seamlessly together and empower employees to easily stay organized.

1.Planner and To-Do Integration

Microsoft To-Do is a simple little tool that gives you a space to plan your day and prioritize tasks. On its own, it functions like a personal checklist. Today it integrates with Microsoft Planner, which is designed to capture group project tasks. When you turn on Planner integration, the tasks that are assigned to you in Planner will now show up in your To-Do. You can then add tasks you would like to work on to “My Day,” giving you a complete overview of what you need to focus on. This page will show you how to turn on Planner integration.

2. Flagged Emails in Microsoft To-Do

An inbox full of emails can get in the way of careful planning. You can now add Flagged Emails to your To-Do so that you can prioritize messages without spending too much time going through each one in the morning. If it’s urgent, flag an email with high priority so that it is starred in your To-Do list. You can also add notes to emails, break down tasks within an email into “Steps,” and revisit emails you started to write by flagging the draft email. This page will tell you more about how to use Microsoft To-Do with Flagged Emails

3. Actionable Messages in Outlook

Outlook for Windows and Outlook on the web already supports Actionable Messages, but it recently became available in Outlook for iOS and Android. Many of us get bombarded with alerts in our email asking us to complete various tasks, whether that’s approving a timesheet, completing a survey, or granting a user access to a system. Now when you receive an action item over email, you can perform the task on your mobile device without leaving your inbox or switching apps.

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