Tablets with video media player interface. Video is the single most effective way to educate employees.

What Methods of End User Education Work Best? – Tech Tip for April 14, 2020

Our theme this month is user education and training. A strong employee training and development program is a great way to set your business apart in your industry. It helps your employees grow their skillsets, use technology to their advantage, and discover greater productivity at work. But what methods of end user education work best? This week, we’re going to look at the single most effective way to educate your employees.

3 reasons why companies use videos for user education

1.Cost-effective and on-demand 

The most cost-effective method for user education is video training. While in-person training from instructors can be informative, those forms of user education tend to be expensive. Why not cut out the costs associated with travel and the duration of lessons with videos that are easy to distribute and can be played whenever, wherever? With training videos, you only pay once for a source that you can use endlessly. And not every employee needs to be gathered at a set time to reap the benefits of the training. Users have the ability to watch training videos when they have time on their calendar.

2. Increased engagement and retention 

Text simply cannot compete with visuals. The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text and 93% of all human communication also happens to be visual. We are visual learners! It’s also worth noting that in-person training sessions are not going to cut it either. According to a report from the SAVO Group, the average employee will have forgotten 65% of training material only 7 days after the session. On the other hand, videos engage viewers better and people tend to remember content and details for longer.

3. Consistency in training materials 

If some of your employees attend a classroom training on Monday, and the rest attend a classroom training on Thursday, those two groups will not have the same learning experience. The content may not be exactly the same or key piece of information may be left out. With video training, you establish a uniform learning experience so that all employees have access to the same materials.

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