Tech Tip * November 10, 2015

Email – Don’t Sleep On It

My philosophy on this Tech Tips segment is to give you more than just little tricks to perform tasks, like how to have email messages dropped right in pre-created folders. Though, if you want that, I LOVE sharing that one, and will do it in an upcoming week. This week, I want to impart a technology tip from the world of farming. Yes, I said farming!
You see, Pete Johnson, a Vermont small business owner and president of Pete’s Greens, facilitates a certified organic four-season vegetable farm which utilizes movable greenhouses. Cool, right? But he now must satisfy and provide product for national giants like Whole Foods. But with his rural location, Johnson constantly relies on the written word to send his message, championing old school email as his tool of choice. 
“When you’re emailing, you have time to think about what you’re saying, so for certain learning types, it’s really helpful,” Johnson said in 2013 to’s Alexandra Mondalek. “Even if I see someone 40 feet away, I might still be emailing something to them if it’s the right level of complexity, because the retention will be better than if I walked up to them and told them whatever it was.” So, before you fire off a random email, really think about what you’re writing and saying, because it could have a whole different impact to your SMB than you had intended!