Getting Work Done – Keyboard Shortcuts


After the rather heavy material we wrote about for “National Cyber Security Awareness Month” in October, we wanted to lighten the mood for this new month! With the end of the year approaching and the Holiday Season coming closer and closer, we understand that everyone is getting their busiest. Our Tech Tips for November will therefore be all about “getting work done”. Today, we will bring to you the best, most useful, most efficient and effective keyboard shortcuts out there!

Even though you might have heard or seen them before, it never hurts to briefly refresh your memories – especially in today’s day and age where time-saving is essential to the way we work. (These shortcuts are mostly for Windows devices. Most of the commands are different for Mac users.)

This collection is made up of the most frequently used shortcuts by our engineers:

  • Alt + Tab: switch between open programs
  • Alt + F4: close a program
  • Ctrl + F: search for a specific text string in just about any program that involves reading
  • Ctrl + Scroll your mouse wheel up or down: zoom in and out of what you are looking at
  • Ctrl + A: select all content in a given window
  • Ctrl + C: copy a highlighted area to the clipboard
  • Ctrl + V: paste a previously copied area from clipboard
  • Ctrl + B: change a letter to “bold”
  • Ctrl + I: change a letter to “italics”
  • Ctrl + U: underline
  • Ctrl + Z: undo a change you just made
  • Ctrl + Y: redo an undo
  • Ctrl + X: cut an item instead of copying it
  • Ctrl + backspace: delete a full word at a time rather than just a single character
  • Ctrl + S: save a document you have been working on
  • Ctrl + End: move the cursor to the end of the document
  • Ctrl + Home: move the cursor to the beginning of the document
  • Ctrl + P: open a print preview of the page of document you are currently viewing
  • Ctrl + Esc: open the Start Menu
  • Shift + arrow keys: highlight text letter by letter for better accuracy
  • Shift + Ctrl + arrow keys: highlight text word by word
  • Windows key + M: minimizes everything and takes you to your desktop
  • Windows key + E: opens File Explorer
  • Windows key + arrow keys: aligns the current window to the corresponding side of the screen