Tech Tip * July 12, 2016

Let It Go ‘Round In Circles…


Many of you have seen the Seinfeld episode where the group cannot find Kramer’s car in a New Jersey mall parking garage around Christmastime. They walk around, floor to floor, with calamity after calamity before finally finding the vehicle. At which point of course the car will not start! (This was actually unexpected, but fit so well with the rest of the episode they kept it in! Watch George start to laugh when it happens!)


While it was funny on the small screen, it isn’t so great if it happens to you! And it doesn’t take amnesia either; everyday ordinary folk sometimes could use a little help. And Windows 10 Mobile actually
CAN help! The Maps app for Windows 10 Mobile has a built-in feature that helps mark the location and find your car later on. If you’re using navigation, tap the Car icon at the bottom of the screen when you’re near your destination. It’ll stamp the time and address of the location on the map. There are options to add a photo, note, and even adjust the location in case it is incorrect. When you’re done, tap the save button.
To return to your vehicle:
  1. Tap the hamburger menu (the three parallel horizontal lines), then Favorites
  2. Tap Car to open its location in the map or tap Directions under Car to immediately start navigating there.
That’s it! Have you ever forgotten where you parked? Will you be using this built-in feature on Windows 10 Mobile? Next week, more mobility features to make you even more productive while out of the office.


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