Tech Tip * December 8, 2015

More 2015 All-Stars – Windows Goes to the Edge

Long with hits and misses in the last decade, it appears Microsoft’s flagship product is trending way, way up. Windows has now reached a penultimate moment in 2015 with the release of allegedly the final iteration of the long-dominant OS called Windows 10. Adoption for Win10 has been meteoric, according to an article onĀ BusinessInsider.com. It has been a shining star for Microsoft since its release, and soon will get a companion with the release of Windows Phone 10 in the next few weeks.
Long dominated by Apple and Android devices, the mobile world has been slower to warm to Microsoft on their smartphones. However, WinPhone10 may well change that, with the cool things it can do. Check out the demo video below; maybe a new holiday present for yourself?


Windows Phone 10 Demonstration – Magic?