Tech Tip * August 30, 2016

Need Support? Make a Group!

We are staring the end of summer in the face. Labor Day is just around the corner, and after that the full grind of work and life will recommence. Heaven knows it is a lot easier to get yourself back into the work groove if you have help. And Office 365 has something new that can help – Groups.


The video above really goes into detail on how you can start working with Groups. Essentially they are the next level of functionality of Outlook’s old distribution lists. They have the same pilot email address with a specific inbox, but they add the ability to collaborate, set schedules for the group and group tasks, and share files in OneDrive for Business! What, you don’t have Office 365? Well, that can be fixed, and you don’t need to labor over that decision anymore!
Missed the window for the free Windows 10 upgrade that expired last month? The new and improved operating system is still a must-have, with many different ways to acquire it. Feel free to ask any questions you many have to our sales team at (610) 353-9010 or email us at Get TechWise!