Tech Tip * April 19, 2016

Take a OneDrive through your data

In this cloud-crazy world, one of the things that has stayed relatively stable is users’ desire to keep their documents and files really close. As in tucked away in their office PC’s folder list. That’s all well and good, until you realize you need to make a change on something you left in the office, or are panicking because you left the PowerPoint presentation for your meeting on your USB key on your desk! Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business can save you in these and many other ways.

OneDrive for Business is very similar to the OneDrive you’ve used at home for a while, but it has a more commercial leaning to it. Each user account can store up to 1 TB of data, which is more than many full servers carry now in a typical small business. And you can set it to come up as an option on your office PC in that same familiar folder structure you have had in File Explorer. Why not set it to automatically sync with your existing folders constantly to make sure you never again lose that key proposal you were working on that died when Word crashed unexpectedly or the power went out?

It is easy to use, gives you the ability to share individual files with your co-workers or even outside entities, depending on your company’s security policy. As part of almost every Office 365 suite, it gives you even more things to protect you and save you from a really bad day down the road.

Well, unless that bad day includes something completely out of your control… there’s only so much OneDrive for Business can do!
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