Light Bulb for Tech Tips Tech Tip * February 23, 2016

Take Better Notes and More!

Well, I’ve always been “old school” with taking notes in meetings. But Microsoft OneNote changed my thinking and my life! I no longer have to worry about my barely legible writing and the challenge of interpreting my rushed scribbles. But you can do SO much more than just type! For example… you can gather web stuff and add it too!

Using OneNote Clipper, you can grab entire web pages or just parts of a page and drop them into your notes. It’s simple! To get the free Clipper app, click here: OneNote Clipper

Next, install the “Clip to OneNote” button on your browser toolbar. When you’re on a webpage you want to save, hit the “Clipper” button. In the box that opens, select which part of the page you want, where to save it to, and even add notes about the clipping. Press the “Clip” button to add it to your selected notebook. Easy peezy! Try it yourself! Wait, you DON’T have OneNote yet? Well, we can help you with that too!

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