Tech Tip * July 26, 2016

Talk To Your Windows 10 Best Friend

Three days. The free upgrade to Windows 10 for eligible users ends in three days. All of the cool things it can do will carry a price as of July 30. You likely are not happy about that; you’d probably love to talk to someone who wants to help. Well, Windows 10 has someone who does want to be there for you, and her name is Cortana!
The screenshot above is from the Windows 8 Phone, but Cortana looks the same in Windows 10, both on your computer device and your Windows Mobile device. And you can train it to recognize your voice so that Cortana will only respond to your commands now, as Windows 10 has incorporated the technology deeper into its DNA. You can find her in that little search window next to the blue “O” on your PC, or by tapping the blue or gray “O” on your Windows 10 smartphone. It can start your day with a look at your calendar, a search for files, or even look up and dial a number for you. It isn’t yet 100%, but considering where we’ve come from to where we are, it is a remarkable achievement. But you have to be on Windows 10 to try… if you haven’t arranged for it, you may be too late. But contact us and we will see if we can help!
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