Examples of new features in Microsoft Windows 10 that enable users to users work smarter, collaborate seamlessly and supports unique workstyles.

Upgrade to Windows 10 – Achieve More

We’re all familiar with the phrase Work Smarter, Not Harder – which brings us to more interesting ways the features in Windows 10 help to increase your overall productivity. In today’s Tech Tip, you’ll learn how the various features help users work smarter, collaborate seamlessly, and supports unique workstyles.

It’s no surprise that features in Windows 10 OS help people stay in the flow, work faster, and find what they need.

The Microsoft Search tool in Windows 10 helps users locate apps, settings, documents, and emails quicker. Features like the Windows Timeline make it easier than ever to work across Windows devices. Microsoft Edge is designed for Windows 10 to offer users faster, safer ways to get work done across their PC and phone. Users can easily keep tabs organized, write on web pages, or ask a digital assistant for information.


Work team using Microsoft Whiteboard's freeform digital canvas to brainstorm ideas and content on a limitless space.

Windows 10 offers seamless integration with tools for working with others. With the help of Nearby Sharing in Microsoft Edge, File Explorer, OneNote, and other Windows apps, users can quickly transmit documents, files, and web pages to nearby PCs. The Microsoft Whiteboard (ideal for groups!) provides a freeform digital canvas where people can brainstorm ideas and content on a limitless space.

Windows 10 Adapts to your Workstyle

 Microsoft user utilized shortcuts feature on a tablet to save timeThe features in Windows 10 offer a broad range of options for different user needs and preferences like never before! Users can save ample time by using Shortcuts. With only a few keystrokes, you can quickly navigate Windows and enable accessibility settings. A digital pen lets you choose how to interact with your screen, express ideas, and much more! You can use the digital pen to take notes in important meetings, or jot down items to add to your to-do list. The digital pen can even replace your key and mouse, ultimately adapting to what meets your work style.

Windows 10 enhances productivity for users with built-in tools and features allowing users to work more efficiently. TechWise Group is happy to walk you through Windows 10 adoption and deployment. 

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Countdown to Windows 7 End of Extended Support
Did you know that Windows 7 will be reaching the end of extended support on January 14th 2020?
Just a short 322 days away!
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