Tech Tip * July 7, 2015 

Starting July 29, 2015 the Windows 10 upgrade will become available- for FREE on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 machines that are not part of a domain.

This month TechWise Group will be sending you tips about the new version of Windows and high-lighting its biggest and most exciting changes.

But first, here’s how you can reserve your free upgrade on your computer: 

1. Reserve 

Click on the small Windows button on the far right of your taskbar. 


When the window opens: Click “Reserve your free upgrade”. Next,enter your email address to get a confirmation of your reservation

   NOTE: If your computer is on a domain/network you will not see this icon. Contact your system administrator or IT service provider to plan your upgrade.  

2. Install

After July 29th, you will receive a notification that Windows 10 is ready to download on your machine. You can choose to download it immediately or wait for a more convenient time, it won’t go away.


3. Enjoy

After its installed, Windows 10 is your to enjoy on that device.