Tech Tip * August 4, 2015 

                        Work Wherever You Are  

Being able to work wherever you are is important, especially during travel and vacation time. This month TechWise Group wants to enlighten you with tips about working effectively while you’re mobile. 

 Depending On Your Current Technology, These Are a Few Options for Accessing Your Files While Out of the Office: 

1. You can access your Virtual Private Network (VPN) from outside the office by way of a password. This will allow you to work on your files and save them to your network just as you would if you were in the office. NOTE: Using this option can be tricky because many public establishments such as hotels and airports have firewalls that block VPN access. 

2. You can 
save your files locally on your machine or on a flash drive so you can access them while on the go. This way you do not need internet access or access to a VPN, however using this option does not allow you to save your updated files to your network.  

3. A Cloud Solution is useful if you are working remotely because you have the ability to access your files by way of the internet. As long as you have a connection, you can do all of your work and save it so that all shared documents are up to date.