A Look Back at 2015 in Technology


As we fast approach the final hours of 2015, we all here at TechWise Group wanted to thank you for your support, and even just your attention in reading our Newsletter and Tech Tips when you have a spare moment. This final edition for the year is rather light-hearted; we hope you can glean an inspiration or two from it. Check it out and we’d love to hear your feedback, maybe even some good gift/bad gift holiday stories! Have a Happy New Year and we’ll see you in 2016!
The Technology Highlights of 2015
Most of us realize there is a different feel to business to December. Retailers are running around, hoping they capture enough holiday shopping revenue to make their year. Other industries are taking stock and trying to figure out the plan for next year. It is often a time where most organizations look back, hoping to learn valuable lessons from the preceding 12 months. 
In technology, there were a lot of innovations that we saw this year, both for business and for fun! This month, we shared Tech Tips about some of them:

Tech Tips of the Month

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Earth-Shaking Shifts in Technology in 2015

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SMB Technology Review 2015

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Product Spotlight – SQL Server 2014
What is Microsoft SQL Server?

SQL, short for Structured Query Language, is a tested, comprehensive database software, but more than just a database. It is a relational database management system or RDBMS, provides enhanced flexibility, scalability, reliability, and security to database applications. It also allows them to be more user-friendly, easier to create and deploy, thus reducing the complexity involved in database management. So, SQL Server is a system that allows you to take a bunch of data and rather than just tucking it away in folders, to create a way to analyze it and work with it to create reports and more.

Now’s The Time to Modernize
Those of you still running SQL Server 2005, time is running out on its viability. Support ends on April 12th, 2016. Plan ahead and be ready! Or, if you don’t know the power of SQL and want to learn more, we can help! And you don’t even have to have a physical server anymore – SQL workloads are more and more being deployed in Microsoft’s cloud computing space, Azure.
To learn more about SQL Server 2014, why you need it and if you have SQL 2005, what you need to do next… click HERE!
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