Tech Tip * December 29, 2015

Santa’s Gone, Spend Your Gift Money on Tech!

Maybe you’re taking a deep breath in the office. You have business decisions to make, but right now you are now looking at your post-holiday credit card bills and thinking, “What did I get for all this?” Well, you made your little ones and other family and friends smile; that’s kind of priceless, right? But now, you have some cash or gift cards and want to get a little something for YOU outside of the business. Why not? Since this week everyone is in holiday mode and not thinking about business (except for you last minute budget crunchers!), might as well indulge. Here’s a comprehensive video with some ideas:

I originally saw this video and thought of me… I mean, YOU… for spending some of that discretionary capital.┬áIn case you didn’t have time to watch the whole thing, I did it for you! My favorites were the cool Microsoft Arc mouse (which I’m now searching for!) and the skinny little external drive, since I’m a bit of a shutterbug. Though since I always seem to be running out of USB ports, the 13 port box looks good too…
Well, that does it for TechWise Group’s Tech Tips for 2015. Please be safe and well this New Year’s Eve – we’ll be back with our regular stuff next week, starting with a look ahead to SMB tech for 2016. And some ways to make it pay off for you. Happy New Year!