August 2016 TechBuzz
Labor Daze

As we head into the Labor Day holiday weekend in America, we want to pause and thank everyone who works hard every day to make sure our clients and friends are secure and safe. Our first responders, health care professionals, our military and all who protect our health and safety. We enjoy our barbecues on Monday while they continue on, doing what they do.

On a lighter note, August was also Admit You’re Happy Month. For those who vacationed in August, happy was probably pretty easy to admit! For those of you who had to face business downtime because of a failure of some critical network solution, maybe not so much. If that was you, or you worry that this could be you in short order, take a deep breath. Proper planning and assessment is the first step in any solid business continuity plan. Something to consider doing before the end of the year. In the fall and into 2017, we will be presenting a series of learning events for the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, and this discussion will be part of the last installment in February. Check the Chamber’s calendar for more information!

The Revolution Is Coming… Again
Apparently, July was the hottest month in Earth’s history. Or so we were told. As we rush headlong into the Fall, the steaminess didn’t subside in December. Neither did the headlong rush to vacations. One thing I noticed was that business still happens, even when everyone is away. The Tech Tips series saw record numbers of out of office replies in August, people travelling to all corners of the globe. But one of the tips applied to both travelers and those stuck back in the office. Setting your out of office when you leave is a great practice. But not using the Outlook ability to schedule an automatic shutdown leaves many of you open for teasing when someone gets the auto-reply a week later! Don’t let this happen to you – check out all the tips and tricks with the new Outlook 2016, just part of the new stuff in Office 365 this summer!
For those of you who were out of the office all month, here is a recap of all the Tech Tips. More little things that you probably didn’t know you could do, and some fun facts too!
We would love your feedback on our content and your input on what YOU would like to learn about!  Thanks for reading!
Product Spotlight – SharePoint 2016
Shared Folders and Beyond

Even though you missed the free upgrade to Windows 10, there is still some good news on the product front. SharePoint 2016 is here, further enhancing the experience of companies that want to share and collaborate easier and with more control.

The new features now available in SharePoint 2016 include:

  • SharePoint app for mobile phones
  • An improved mobile touch experiences
  • Improved user experience with App Launcher and User Interface changes
  • Previews of images and videos
  • Support for files larger than 2 GB
  • An updated blogging experience, including “drag and drop” feature to make it easier to add images to posts
  • The restrictions on file name length and other characters
  • Those files that are shared via the Durable Links feature will reference a site ID and document ID, so renamed or moved files will not result in broken links anymore
  • … and MORE!

If you have not seen nor experienced SharePoint as of yet, I’d encourage you to take a couple of hours and attend one of our Office 365 Workshops! (See below)

Upcoming Events & Announcements
If you missed our Free Office 365 Workshop sessions in April, we’re doing a special summer session from August 16 to August 20! All workshop sessions will be held in our Training Center. Invites have been sent, but if you’d like to sign up right away, click here and let us know! These sessions are not for training; this is a dip of the toes into the waters of just what it is like to use Office 365 as the centerpiece of your business technology platform. We are showing you the most powerful and affordable cloud business suite out there!
Those of you not in the immediate Philadelphia area – we are planning to bring the Office 365 Workshops to Central Pennsylvania before the end of the year. If you are within relatively close proximity to the Greater Harrisburg Regional Chamber of Commerce, the sessions are being planned for their Front Street conference room, possibly in November. We would love your feedback to see when in the next six months would be best for you!