Tech Tip * August 2, 2016

Wiping The Slate Clean

After two weeks of political conventions, many voters want to get a do-over! With neither presidential candidate palatable to a majority of us, we’d like to “reboot” the whole process. Rebooting has become almost daily lexicon now for starting from scratch, but don’t forget its origins in technology!


Picture this: You walk into your office in the morning, turn on your computer. And for some reason, nothing seems to work! Applications run slowly, your WiFi isn’t working, or you stare at the infamous Blue Screen of Death? Before you panic, remember the simple trick that might fix the problem: REBOOT YOUR MACHINE!
Ever wondered why rebooting fixes so many issues? Well, a reboot resets everything to its initial state. The operating system starts from scratch, whether that be on your computer, laptop, or mobile phone. When rebooted, your machine:
  • Mostly erases all evidence of an error and proceeds as if nothing happened (most of the time).
  • Closes all programs running in the background (including faulty ones that may be exacerbating your situation).
  • Has an opportunity to modify a program that it can’t modify while being used.
Keep in mind, this counts not only for hardware, but for software as well! And most important, before a reboot… DO NOT FORGET TO SAVE YOUR OPEN FILES!
Return Of The Office 365 Hands-On Workshops!
We are bringing back the free Office 365 Workshops this month! There are still open seats for the six sessions the week of August 16th to the 19th. Click here for more information and to register!