All About Hardware [Part 2]:

The Cost of Old Devices

Have we sparked your interest with last week’s Tech TipĀ about upgrading your old hardware? Maybe the sparks were flying when you started looking at new devices? You should definitely NOT wait until actual sparks are flying because your computer is SO old it can’t handle the workload anymore! Therefore, we advise you to continue reading our Tech Tips of this month – just so that you are at least aware of what’s at stake when you keep your old machines around until there is no spark left in them.

Your 4+ year old devices are expensive in more than one way!

  • Maintenance Costs:
    PCs older than 4 years can potentially cost 1.5x more in repairs and cost, on average, an additional $1,700/year in total maintenance costs!

  • Decreased Productivity Costs:
    Based on Microsoft’s internal research, PCs older than 4 years cause more than 2.1x increase in lost productivity (hours), costing, on average, $1,260 in lost productivity. Not to mention, older PCs can only run about 5 applications simultaneously without performance degradation, while newer PCs can easily run 8 or more.

  • Security Risk:
    More than 50% of small businesses have suffered a data breach or cyberattack, averaging more than US $84,000 per breach.

  • Limited Performance:
    Devices over 5 years old are past their prime, performing 2.5x slower, with 3x less battery life, and wake up from sleep mode 4x slower than new Windows 10 Pro devices.

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