All About Hardware [Part 3]:

Security Risks Associated with Old Devices

By now we think we brought the point across that it is ESSENTIAL to have updated electronic devices. Aside from reasons such as high maintenance costs, decreased productivity, and limited performance, the security risk you expose yourself to is enormous.

Old devices running on old Operating Systems are far more susceptible to file hacks, viruses, and other sophisticated security threats. Your files are not fully secured when using an older device as they are not protected by applications like BitLocker and Windows Defender, which newer Windows 10 devices already come with.

Your old device is far more likely to catch a virus than a newer one because it does not receive the prompt, automatic security updates that use cloud, wide optics, machine learning, and behavior analysis to protect it from emerging threats. These constant security updates ensure longevity and continual high end performance of your devices.

By using old devices you leave yourself far more vulnerable to someone being able to get in and look at your data and files. Newer computers have fantastic unlocking methods that are very hard to break. You have options to purchase devices that are being unlocked via fingerprint scan or even facial recognition which makes it easier for you and more difficult for a potential thief to access your data.

Keep in mind that viruses and security attacks can be devastating to a business, to both its value and its reputation. Using old devices can potentially lead to a heavy financial burden on your company! After a major cyber-attack your company will lose a lot of credibility within its respective field and most of this can be prevented by simply upgrading your hardware. It is essential that you upgrade your hardware as soon and as frequently as possible, as this will not only increase your company’s security tenfold but also improve its productivity.

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