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April is All About Servers – Why Servers Still Matter

April is all about servers! We expressed to you in our last Tech Tip the basic fundamentals of what a server is and how it works. Many business decision makers are hesitant to the costs that comes with investing in traditional on-premise servers or server maintenance; losing sight on how vital a server’s functionality is to your network and company infrastructure. In today’s Tech Tip, we are going to outline why these traditional servers absolutely still matter to your organization.

Even though you are even utilizing Office 365 for email and file sharing, a traditional, on-premise server may still be something your business needs:

Illustration of a desktop that needs a server for a server in order to have fast access to large files, such as video files, CAD files, certain database files or QuickBooks files that require low latency and fast access.Most often, security is a big reason why. An on-premise server allows for easy creation of an active directory domain as well as application of Group Policy, complex security controls (often related to regulatory requirements), and greater control of workstations and devices in the environment. If your business needs to comply with regulatory guidelines like HIPAA, GDPR and SOX.

Other reasons why a server makes sense include: Fast access to large files, in cases where you might need to access video or CAD files or even certain database files or QuickBooks files that require low latency and fast access. Sometimes it is best to store these files locally and back them up to the cloud.

And finally, convenience and ease of use. An on premise server can include a print server, which allows users to access a printer or local resources (think scanners) just by joining the network instead of having to install the printer locally on their machine.

Stay tuned for this month’s Tech Tips as we fill you in on all the background of what a server is and how it relates to you and your daily operations!

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