Coworkers with speech bubbles, symbolizing big updates for Microsoft Teams

Big Updates for Bigger Teams

Are you trying to stay on top of a growing team at work? Microsoft made some big changes to help optimize collaboration across all kinds of organizations that continue to increase in size. Today, we are continuing our June theme on Microsoft Teams and reviewing the newest features that help you stay connected with every member in your company.

One Company, One Team

Org-Wide Teams is a way for your company to add every employee to a single channel. This feature specifically targets small to medium-size businesses who want to collaborate as a single team. Microsoft has officially increased the size of org-wide teams to 5,000 users so that you can include everyone in your org.

Global admins, feel free to create a public team with as many users as you need. You can also ensure membership is up to date with Active Directory if new users want to join the channel or others have transitioned out of the org.

This Message is Urgent!

Do you have an urgent matter that is time sensitive? Microsoft Teams is rolling out a new “priority notifications” feature that allows you to mark a chat message as “urgent” when you’re looking for a quick turnaround. Messages that are marked as priority will automatically notify users repeatedly for 20 minutes or until the message is read by the intended recipient. The feature speeds up normal processes which can be lifesaving when coming up on a deadline.

Sorry, Can’t Talk Right Now

Notify users when you are not able to pick up their calls. The next time a colleague tries to reach out while you are engaged in a different Teams meeting, the new “busy on busy signal” will inform them that you are otherwise occupied. Teams will kindly let them know that you are unavailable by playing a busy signal which will help streamline communication.


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