3D graphic of blocks, symbolizing bringing images to life

Bring Images to Life

Do you want to spruce up your presentations to get everyone’s attention from the get-go? Do you want to stick out of the crowd while sharing your knowledge with others? Well, good news, everyone! Office 365 subscribers can now embed an animated 3D graphic in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint for Office 365. These graphics are much like animated GIFs, where each image has pre-set animations, or scenes, it can play to inform or entertain your audience. And the best part about this: it is super simple to accomplish!

How to embed an animated 3D graphic

  1. Select Insert > 3D Models > From Online Sources.Image of a blue bicycle. In Microsoft Word you can embed an image of a 3D object
  2. In the dialog box, select a category that has a “runner” badge The running-person symbol indicates a 3D image that comes with predefined animation scenes , which indicates that the graphics in it are animated.
  3. Select a model and then select Insert. The graphic is inserted and the default animation begins playing.
  4. To choose a different animation for the 3D graphic, select Format > Scenes. Each graphic comes with multiple scenes, or animations, to choose from.
  5. To halt the animation effect, select the Format tab and click Pause. (You can also right-click the graphic and click Pause, or tap the spacebar while the graphic is selected.)
  6. To adjust the view of the model, click and drag the 3D control The rotation control lets you adjust the position of a 3D graphic . Or select Format > 3D Model Views to open the predefined gallery of views, and select the one you want.
  7. To move a graphic to a different position, select it, then click and drag within its border.
  8. To make your graphic larger or smaller, select it, then drag a corner handle on its border.

Learn how to use 3D models in PowerPoint

[Note: This feature is available for Office 365 Subscribers only.]

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