A cord sparking and catching on fire, symbolizing the importance of cloud backup and disaster recovery

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery – What is it?

Happy New Year Everyone! It’s that time of year again. Along with the new year comes new resolutions which can include decluttering your inbox, updating your security software, or a device refresh. How about implementing a strategy for when disaster strikes? Most people don’t remember if they have backed up their work once their files are lost. Without Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery, you face the risk of losing all sorts of files, from images of your loving pet Lab – Daisy saved to your desktop, to critical company documents containing important information. Stakes become greater for businesses who risk losing money, losing productivity and tarnishing their reputation due to corrupt or lost files. That brings us to the question – What exactly is Cloud Backup?

Illustration of multiple devices backed up in the cloud.Cloud Backup is a backup solution that involves backing up data to remote or off-site servers as opposed to storing data locally on a physical disk, such as a hard drive or tape backup. The remote servers are typically hosted by a third-party service provider. This is done when the data from your PC is copied and stored to the remote servers through an application. This can be managed by selecting files, encrypting files, uploading files, and scheduling backups. Cloud Backup can store all types of data and applications. 

There are several great benefits in backing up data to the Cloud!

• No need to worry if data gets lost! Users can easily recover data at any time since it is completely accessible through the internet. Whether at work, or on vacation, users have instant access to their data in the event of a disaster, from anywhere, on any device.

• We can’t predict the weather. Since your data is stored away from your home or office, Cloud Backup acts as a barrier against local weather disturbances and outages. Your data is also safe elsewhere protected from ransomware attacks.

• Save money! We can all agree that one of the most important benefits is reducing the total cost of ownership. Businesses can utilize their existing infrastructure without purchasing any additional software or hardware. Using cloud storage cuts down costs spent on hardware with extensive storage capacity and cuts down on time spent trying to restore files.

Laptop on a workspace desk. This laptop is protected by Disaster Recovery encompasses Cloud Backup, supporting an organization with resuming mission-critical functions quickly in the event of an unforeseen incident.In addition to Cloud Backup, layering on Disaster Recovery is important for organizations to ensure data is recovered. Disaster Recovery encompasses Cloud Backup, wherein it involves planning to support an organization with resuming mission-critical functions quickly in the event of an unforeseen incident. The two are very distinct – every Disaster Recovery solution includes Cloud Backup but every Cloud Backup solution does not always include Disaster Recovery. Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery are non-negotiables when it comes to business productivity solutions. Add to your New Years Resolution to plan a strategy to safe-guard your personal and company information from threats such as viruses, theft, local outages and any other disasters!

Click here to learn about options for Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery as business productivity solutions.

Stay tuned for our next Tech Tips to learn more about Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery!

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