Thumbs up in front of a blue sphere indicating that Site Recovery in an important part of a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery – What is Site Recovery?

In this Tech Tip we will discuss Site Recovery. As part of a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan, Site Recovery goes a step beyond backup to actually create a failover environment in the cloud or a remote data center to your business apps and workloads running during outages.

Site Recovery replicates workloads running on physical and virtual machines from a primary site to a secondary location. When an outage occurs at your primary site, you fail over to secondary location, and access apps from there. After the primary location is running again, you can fail back to it.

Illustration of critical path for cloud backup and disaster recoveryOne important concept to understand with Site Recovery is system restore points. The Site Recovery software, monitors system changes and saves the system state as a Restore Point. If a system problem develops as a result of a system change, the user can return the system to a previous state using the data from a restore point. For example, Azure Backup provides restore points to Azure virtual machines (VM) and disks from Azure VM backups. These snapshots are stored in Recovery Services vaults and are taken in defined intervals. The “instant restore” feature in Azure reduces backup and restore times by retaining snapshots along with the disks for seven days and supports disk sizes up to four terabytes (TB) of storage. 

Thumbs up to Disaster Recovery - it encompasses Site Recovery to help keep your systems up and running.Disaster Recovery encompasses Site Recovery to help keep your systems up and running with minimal downtime during disruption. TechWise Group is fully committed to helping your organization understand and implement an effective Disaster Recovery Plan.

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Stay tuned for our next Tech Tip to learn more about Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery!

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