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Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery – Should I back up Office 365?

In our last few Tech Tips we reviewed the importance of Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery. We understand that there are many risks involved with not properly backing up your data! I bet you may be wondering – Is it necessary to back up Office 365? Even though Microsoft maintains the Office 365 infrastructure and keeps multiple copies of your data in a geo-redundant fashion, in certain circumstances, yes – you may want to consider a backup solution. Here are a few reasons why you might need to back up your Office 365 email and data stored in SharePoint and Teams:

Woman checking her laptop and startled to see that content has been deleted. Learn more about cloud backup and disaster recovery.Accidental Deletion: While data is geo-redundant and stored in different locations, it is possible for to delete an email and of other piece of data. After a certain period of time, that deleted data cannot be recovered. Accidental deletion is a more significant risk if your organization is heavily invested on using Microsoft Teams, the risk of accidental deletion is a real issue. Teams is an incredibly easy to use collaboration solution.  However, because it is so easy to use, it is also easy for someone to accidentally delete a Team, a channel, a discussion thread or other component. The right Office 365 backup solution can ensure that all of the data in Teams is well protected.

Faster Recovery and Self-service Recovery: If faster recovery or self-service recovery of lost data is a concern for your organization, many Office 365 backup solutions offer the ability to quickly find and restore lost items without having to contact IT support or Microsoft for assistance.

Retention Policy Gaps: Lost data outside of the retention limits may not be recoverable. For example, Exchange Online doesn’t back up emails older than 30 days. This is critical in the event that you’ll need specific records that may be required for auditing purposes.

Legal and Compliance Requirements: Data loss prevention will ensure that your organization is complying with standards such as HIPPA or GDPR. It is essential for regulated industries in Healthcare, Finance, and Legal to ensure that they are maintaining an accurate record of documents to remain in compliance.

Although Office 365 houses your infrastructure, it is still your responsibility to protect all your data. Backing up Office 365 simplifies the Disaster Recovery process. TechWise Group is fully committed to helping your organization understand and implement an effective Disaster Recovery Plan.

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