Microsoft Word and artificial intelligence

AI in Word Helps You Write Like a Pro

Microsoft has embedded AI into Word, Excel, and PowerPoint via a feature called Ideas that improves the quality of your work with intelligent suggestions. This feature is available for Excel and PowerPoint today in cloud-connected versions of Microsoft Office like Microsoft Business, Business Premium, E3, E5 and Microsoft 365 E3 and E5. Ideas in Word is a new feature that is slowly rolling out to Office 365 customers and will be more widely available in fall.

Ideas will help users do more than correct misspelled words and poor grammar. For people who are seeking inspiration and insights on how to make their documents better and more professional, Ideas uses machine learning to make suggestions on how you can improve your prose.

If you write a tricky phrase or can’t think of the right word to use, Ideas will automatically suggest alternative ways to say something based on the context of your sentence. It also underlines potentially sensitive geopolitical references and helps you read documents faster by estimating reading times, extracting key points for you, and interpreting acronyms.

Users can leverage Ideas in Word Online to produce content that is concise and appropriate, using inclusive language such as “police officer” instead of “policeman.” The enhanced Office tool is an example of how Microsoft is placing AI-powered solutions at the fingertips of employees to help organizations stay ahead. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of new productivity features in cloud-connected versions of Microsoft Office, contact TechWise Group today.

Everyday AI in Microsoft Word