This Tech Tip will go over a few of the spam emails that are out there, designed to fool and trick you. This is not a complete list, nor is every spam email behaving equally. Just keep in mind: when in doubt, treat the email like spam and consider contacting your IT Provider for a second opinion and just to be safe.

Phishing scam 2

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exSCAMple 1:

The sender’s domain is clearly a fake domain. This does not come from PayPal! The email subject looks suspicious as well. Why is the account limited? What does that even mean? What is even going on with the content of this email? There are spelling mistakes, as well as not even nearly enough information for the recipient to understand what is going on.
When hovering with the mouse over the link within the email, a suspicious looking link displays – do not click it!

exSCAMple 2:spam scam

Strange sender! The email address does not match the name displayed in any way. The email is simply addressed to “Dear Staff/Students” and therefore way too generic to be legitimate. Look at the threat made here: Failure to comply will lead to the termination of the account. And this is one of the harmless threats – there are way worse ones. As said before: no credible institution will ever ask you to send personal and sensitive information in an email!


my spam

exSCAMple 3:

TechWise Group gets all kinds of emails like that. This one for example: Who is the sender? The name and the sender’s email address do not match up! Additionally: that is a weird name! The fact that it has to state within the link that this is reliable makes it…well…less reliable. Even though the message is very short, there is a spelling mistake as well as other grammatical issues. Either way: thanks but no thanks. I won’t try to buy their gold.

The problem is that it is hard to keep up with the ever-changing modifications to the threats out there. You think you know them all, and then there is a new, unheard-of type of spam email, and despite being cautious, you end up falling for it. But you got this! Just be extra careful and question suspicious emails, and you will be fine!