…and here are some tips on what NOT to do when you are suspecting an email to be a phishing scheme or spam message:

  • Do not comply with any requests made before verifying the source of the message.
  • Do not open suspicious-looking emails or attachments.
  • Do not make purchases based on spam messages you receive.
  • Do not respond to suspicious-looking emails from unknown sources.
  • Do not click on any advertisement within the email as that will also show the spammer that your email address is live and potentially even reveal your machine’s IP address.

Phishing Email Signs
(Click image to open in new window.)

Here you can see an example of a phishing email. Whenever you receive a message similar to that, be extra cautious on what you click. (Click here to learn what a phishing email is.)

Follow the To-Do steps we suggested in our previous Tech Tip (click here to see it again), as well as the Not-To-Do steps listed above.

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