Excel Charts in Word


In this day and age it’s all about the data! We are given amazing tools to collect, analyze, and use information, and usually, more data means a better overall understanding. However, the data needs to be organized in a logical way for us to be able to make sense of it. Most of us know of Microsoft Excel as a powerful program to manipulate data. Well, did you know that you don’t have to start in Excel? Instead, you can create the Excel chart from scratch in Word, edit the data, and customize the chart right there! Keep reading to see how easy that is!

  • In your Word document, click Insert > Chart.
  • Select the type of chart you want, such as a column or pie chart, and click OK. (If you’re not sure which one to choose, move down the All Charts list to preview each type.)
  • Enter your data into the spreadsheet that automatically opens with the chart. The chart will update to match the data after you finish typing data into one cell and move to the next.

Edit and Customize your Chart

Once your chart is in place, you can change colors, styles, details, components, and data as much and as often as you want. These three steps can help organize your approach:

  • To change something about the whole chart, click the chart to display four buttons along the right edge. Click these to change the Layout Options (shown below), Chart Elements, Chart Styles, and Chart Filters. Or, click the chart to open Chart Tools > Design, and choose from many chart styles, types, and elements.
  • To edit the data, right-click the chart and click Edit Data to reopen the spreadsheet. Changes in the spreadsheet show up automatically in the chart. Or, under Design, click Data > Edit Data.
  • To edit or change, add, or remove, a specific element of the chart, such as the legend, axis labels, title, data bars, or background, click that element. Then click through the options in the Format pane that’ll open to the right of your workspace. (If you don’t see a Format pane, double-click the chart element you want to change.)