Four first line workers who rely on high productivity: contractor, doctor, airline attendant and a dispatcher

How to Manage your Team While Juggling Fire and Running a Marathon

Everything is on your phone! Well, maybe you already live on your phone. But not many apps guarantee security and efficiency when it comes to working from your phone. That’s why today we are continuing our June theme on Microsoft Teams and talking specifically about Teams for mobile.

Do you happen to be one of two billion people worldwide who work in service and need to stay in frequent contact with coworkers? If you’re a Firstline Worker, a person who directly engages with customers and is constantly in action, you know how crazy work can be. Sitting at a computer to send critical updates throughout the day isn’t really an option.

Rather than using sketchy consumer chat apps, unlock your iOS, Android, or Windows Phone and immediately launch Microsoft Teams to stay connected.

Two New Features for Microsoft Teams on Mobil

The “Shifts” App with New Graph API

This is a mobile feature that’s super handy for managers. Create, update, and manage shift schedules for teams on the fly. You can send quick messages to one person or the entire team, swap shifts and request time off. Managers are also able to use the Graph API that integrates the Shifts app with your existing scheduling system for seamless use.

The “Praise” Feature

Encourage your teammates with a new feature called Praise. Share your appreciation for the awesome work your colleagues are doing by sending badges via chat or to an entire channel.

Have fun customizing your Microsoft Teams mobile experience. Enjoy other new features like location sharing, smart camera, and the ability to record and send audio messages. Contact TechWise Group to learn more!