Three beach chairs along the shore, illustrating working remotely from the beach with your team

Talk and Draw with Your Team from The Beach

Did you hear the news? There is big momentum behind Microsoft Teams this year. You may have caught wind of the announcement at the Microsoft Build 2019 Conference, but we have even more updates to share. This month we are diving headfirst into how Teams is radically changing the way we interact at work.

To get this month kicked off, let’s look at a couple of the new Teams features:

Microsoft Whiteboard Integration in Teams

All meeting attendees are now able to participate in a Teams conversation regardless of what device they are using or where they are located.

Join from any device and start a new board during a meeting in real time. You can sketch out some of your awesome ideas in real-time and have your teammates watch and make changes at the same time. This feature works on desktop, web, and Surface Hub and it will soon be supported on mobile.

Learn more about this feature in a video tutorial!

New “Call Me” Feature

Provide a phone number and you can have your teammates call you to join a meeting. Once you accept the phone call, you will be directly looped into the meeting. The meeting audio will automatically switch to your cellular connection.

It’s time to reshape how we think about creativity and collaboration at work. Contact TechWise Group for more information about how Microsoft Teams can help your business!