ProtectEveryone: Bundle up! The temperatures are in the single digits and being outside is no longer fun. Runny noses, nasty coughs, and painful headaches due to runny noses and nasty coughs become our everyday struggles.
However: don’t let those infections and viruses get to you!

Make sure to drink plenty of fluids, stock up on vitamins, and dress appropriately.
And just like you should protect your body from getting a virus in the first place, it is essential to protect your technology from viruses and unwanted intruders as well!

P®otƏcԷ Ɣour IƉƏƞԷiԷy!

Why not start with something as simple as a secure password? We all make the same mistakes over and over again: we write our passwords down, we reuse the same ones multiple times, and we use the same passwords for many different logins.

Here are a few tips from our engineers on how to create a strong and secure password:

  • Don’t include your username!
  • Don’t use a number or name people would know about you!
  • Include a mix of letters and numbers!
  • Use a random combination of uppercase and lowercase letters!
  • Include a symbol like !, $, @, or #
  • Try not to write your password down, or if you have to, keep it someplace that’s far from your computer!
  • The more random, the better. The less your password looks like a word, the more secure!
  • Do not make reference to company assets!
  • You can repeat characters; however, do not use more than 3 of either letters or numbers in a row!
  • Long phrases such as ‘Iwannarockandrollallnight’ or ‘mydogismybestfriend’ are effective AND memorable!
  • Make sure to frequently change your passwords! (Best practice is every 30 to 45 days.)