Keep your tech cool!


…and since Summer is still going strong, we decided that it might be helpful to keep the Summer-theme for our Tech Tips going as well. Specifically, today’s Tech Tip will be all about how to keep your tech cool in the Summer heat, especially because extreme heat could harm your tech and potentially damage it.


1. Allow for proper air flow

Make sure your devices have enough room to breath – not because they get claustrophobic, but because you don’t want them to overheat! Most electronic devices have vents either on the back or the sides of it. Ensure that there is enough space around the vents to let hot air out and cold air in.


2. Don’t keep electronic devices near heat sources

Do not place your electronic devices in direct sunlight, near the stove, in a hot car, or near/in any other heat source for that matter. Keep it in a cool room with proper air flow such as a fan or air conditioning.

3. Don’t stack electronic devices

As you noticed, your electronic devices are producing enough heat on their own. If you decide to stack them on top of each other, you will increase the heat exposure and the risk of damage. Instead, make sure you keep your devices separate from each other and with enough distance in between them.


4. Keep your electronic devices clean

Frequently check the condition of the fans inside your devices. It doesn’t take much for them to get clogged with dust, hair, or fur, and the dirtier they are, the less efficiently they are working. You can use compressed air to get rid of the dirt particles and to restore proper functionality once again.


5. Emergency Shut-Down

If one of your devices shows signs of severe overheating such as the fan being noisier than normal while running, a drastic temperature change of the hardware itself, or the screen showing abnormal shapes and “designs”, you should shut it down gracefully and disconnect it from its power supply. Make sure you let it cool down and then turn it on again. Hopefully, no harm was done…


6. Purchase additional ventilation systems

Luckily, there are such things as Cooling Pads or Stands that have integrated fans to provide additional air flow for your devices. Those usually plug into the USB port of your device to get the fans spinning and they are slim, light weight, and portable.