Traveling Abroad with Tech On Board


When traveling abroad and bringing your tech with the intention to actually use it: make sure to consider the differences in outlets and voltages. Lucky for you, there are a variety of international travel adapters out there just waiting for you to buy them. Not only are they small and fit in every carry-on, but they are also very affordable.

To the right are just a few examples of outlets around the world.

But as mentioned before: this is not a problem. There are many affordable international travel adapters out there, for example the PORS-ELA International Travel Adapter or the CoolingTech Worldwide All in One Universal Travel Adapter. Those are just a couple examples of what you can find online. They come in all sized and shapes, colors and variations.

However, even though you now have an international travel adapter, make sure to check the voltage needed to properly charge your electronic devices.

The map above shows the approximate voltages in each country. (Click here for a detailed list of countries with their respective voltage and frequency.)

Today, a lot of our electronic devices are capable of dual voltage use, meaning they can handle a wider input range of voltage. However, older devices might require a specific voltage and everything above or below that number will negatively impact its functionality.

For example, if you plug a device that specifically requires 120V into a 220V outlet, the voltage drawn from the outlet will be beyond what is required. You’re running the risk of burning up certain components of the power supply and therefore damaging the device.

The other way round: if you plug a device that specifically requires 220V into a 120V outlet, the voltage drawn from the outlet will be below what is required and your device might not work properly. In this case, the risk of damage is rather low.

The best way to make sure you are safe to plug your device in is to check the device’s power supply. Usually, there should be a description of the range of voltage or specific voltage required to properly run the device.