Tech Tip * August 9, 2016

Let Folks Know You’re On Vacation

Many of you may have already stepped out for the summer, so this tip might be too late. However, the month of August has a lot of folks getting their last vacation days in before the grind of the fall. If you haven’t been doing it, and seen that everyone else has, maybe it is time to join the club!

Set your Outlook Out of Office

Above is a simple video tutorial on how to accomplish this. And you can use it not only for vacation, but sick days, off-site company meetings… whatever you can think of! But if you don’t set the dates to automatically shut it off when you return, be prepared for a lot of teasing email replies for a few days!

Office 365 Workshops Next Week!
We are less than one week away from the return of the Office 365 Workshop sessions in our offices starting Tuesday, August 16th. For more information and sign ups, click this link – Join us to see and touch Office 365 for yourself!