Tech Tip * May 3, 2016

May The Fourth Be With You!


Yes, I went there… somewhere along the line, likely NOT in a galaxy far, far away… someone thought it would be cute to dub tomorrow, May 4th, “Star Wars Day.” And yes, it causes you to utter the bad pun, “May The Fourth Be With You!” Get it? Well, since it is May, we wanted TechTips this month to be more fun and light-hearted, while giving you important stuff you can use in your life and/or your business.


Check out the video to see the potential of Microsoft PowerPoint’s new feature for the 2016 version, Morph. Morph is a new type of transition between slides, but it’s not just a fancy wipe or a spinning slide, it is intelligence that makes your once-droll presentation come to life like a fancy slick video, as you can see. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be able to create one yourself! But you DO have to have the latest version. And Morph is just one of the reasons you should be looking at Office 365 to build your business suite around. Stay tuned for next week when we’ll have more for you. And watch out for the occasional stormtrooper tomorrow!
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