Tech Tip * May 10, 2016

Missed Mother’s Day? Redeem Yourself For Dad’s!

Continuing with our lighthearted May theme, I want to reach out to all of you who were rushing out Sunday morning. You know who you are… praying some decent flowers exist on those cheesy corner stands, and thrashing through the leftover cards at your local store. We’ve all been there… well, most GUYS have. The ladies are way more organized!


Now, with Father’s Day next up on the list, don’t just buy some lame rhyming missive. Go big or go home – make your own card! Now, you can watch the video and, before you’re flat out asleep, learn how to craftily create some really ornate and over-the-top item. Or, save time and take advantage of the Word or even Publisher software in Microsoft Office and use one of these templates from About.Tech: About.com’s Cindy Gregg Teaches You How!¬†With his favorite six-pack, you can also give him this:

Beats the alternative, doesn’t it? And maybe scores you enough bonus points to leverage into a nice Christmas gift in a few months!

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