Tech Tip * May 31, 2016

Have A Cat? Get A Hug!

I know… it is never the best on a Tuesday after a long holiday weekend. Many of you would rather still be in bed. But if you find yourself blue, remember that today is National Hug Your Cat Day! And if your cat is as cool as the one to the right, then why would you not want to give it a squeeze?

But not all of you have a cat of your own, so maybe you want to see some.That may make you feel better. Or maybe, just maybe you’d like to share your cat’s coolness with others. One of the newer additions to Microsoft Office 365 is Office Sway. What is Office Sway, you ask? Watch the video below for a quick intro:

Please, whatever you do, never again make your audience sit through the PowerPoint Presentation of Death! Even if you think your 150 slides are awesome as they are, think about it and put yourself in their shoes. Don’t make Grumpy Cats out of them, OK? And if you don’t have Office 365… we can help!

We are less than 2 months away from the expiration date (July 29, 2016) for your free Windows 10 upgrade (for Windows 7 and 8 users only). After that, the upgrade price for Windows 10 Pro will be $199. Don’t delay! If you are looking to save money, this is one easy way to do it! Need help upgrading? You will find answers here to your questions about using Windows 10 on your PC. Also, email us at Get Tech Wise! to determine if you’re ready and find out if it can be done by the deadline.