Tech Tip * May 24, 2016

Looking for Lost & Hidden Stuff

As we celebrate National Scavenger Hunt Day today, I relate that to the daily scavenger hunts I used to have with my computer. Have you ever worked on a project, document or presentation and saved it? You then want to send it to someone, but you hit “Save” and the machine put it somewhere that you have no idea of. So when you hit “Attach File” you have to search everywhere in hopes of finding it?


The latest version of Outlook solves that problem forever! In the past, you’d go fishing for the document you wanted to attach if you didn’t remember where you put it. But now, with the Modern Documents feature of Office 365, Outlook lets you see the last few documents you had open!

As you can see, not only the last few documents, but you can attach directly from the Internet, even from your OneDrive account! Is that a time saver? You betcha! Giving you more time this upcoming holiday weekend for a real scavenger hunt!

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