National Memo Day


Since it was National Memo Day on May 21, 2018, we wanted to use this occasion as an opportunity to introduce you to a refreshing Windows feature: STICKY NOTES! Many of us live and die by the little colorful reminders and can’t imagine a life without them. If you are one of those people, we have good news: there are electronic sticky notes!

How to Access the Sticky Notes

You can access the sticky notes a few different ways:

You may click on the little Windows Ink Workspace icon in your taskbar (if the icon isn’t showing, simply right-click on the taskbar and put a checkmark next to Show Windows Ink Workspace Button) and then click on the Sticky Notes.

The other option is to double-click the back your stylus that comes with your Microsoft device, such as the Surface Pro 4 or the Surface Book. The Windows Ink Workspace will open up, and from there you can select the Sticky Notes.

Customize your Sticky Notes

When you click on the Sticky Notes, a blank note will appear on your desktop. Depending on what version of Windows 10 you have you may also see the Enable Insights (see below for more information).

You may color-code the sticky notes for better visibility and depending on your preference by clicking on the ellipsis [““] in the top right corner of the note:


When you click the “+” button to create a new note, the new note will automatically inherit the color of the parent note; however, its color can be changed any time.

You may even customize the text within a sticky note by using either of the following key combinations:

  • [Ctrl]+B: bold
  • [Ctrl]+I: italics
  • [Ctrl]+U: underline
  • [Ctrl]+T: strikethrough

…and finally, deleting a sticky note is just as easy: all you have to do is click the little trashcan in the top right corner and the sticky note will disappear.

Using Insights

The Insights feature turns certain types of content you enter in your notes into links. Bing and Cortana use these links to provide you with access to corresponding information on the internet or on your computer. Here is what Insight – if enabled – does for you:

  • Web site addresses become live links to the internet
  • Street addresses become live links to Bing Maps
  • Time or dates become links to the Reminder feature in Cortana
  • Phone numbers become links to the soft phone application you have installed on your device
  • Email addresses become links to create a new message in your default email app