Tech Tip * September 6, 2016

Stop Death By PowerPoint – SWAY Them!

We have now passed Labor Day, and we’re headed right into the path of full productivity, traffic on our commute, and for some, doing cool presentations. For many, the cool presentation tool has always been PowerPoint in the Microsoft Office suite. But now, to take your sessions to a new level, check out Sway!


Take a peek at the intro video above on how it works and where you can go. Sure, it was developed for education, but there’s no reason you cannot adopt it for your own! If you have Office 365, you may already have it and didn’t know it. Play with it and see what it can do for your old, boring 100 slide PowerPoint decks. And keep your audience from zoning out; get them fully engaged!
TechWise Group Upcoming Events
There will be a lot of places you’ll find us this year. Starting this month, when we are exhibiting at the PICPA Leadership Conference in Harrisburg on the 19th. We’ll follow that up with one more series of Office 365 Workshops in October, the Montgomery County Bar Association Legal Expo in King of Prussia in November, and a surprise in December… stay tuned here and we’ll let you know!