fantom-screenshotVery few would be surprised to hear that ransomware is still out there, infecting unsuspecting users. However, the latest news is extremely disturbing and could fool even the most seasoned computer-savvy professional. According to, there is a new variant of the old Cryptolocker virus called Fantom, discovered by AVG malware researcher Jakob Kroustek.
In the piece written by BleepingComputer creator and owner Lawrence Abrams, it was found that this new pest disguises itself as a legitimate Windows update. While you think it is performing patches and other maintenance tasks on your machine, in the background it is encrypting all of your data files! If you would like to see the full details, you can read the full article here.
If you are still unsure about your potential exposure, contact us for guidance. Whatever you do, don’t panic. Get informed and be prepared!