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Responding to Cybersecurity Threats – Tech Tip For March 23, 2022

In our third tech tip for March, and in light of The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency issuing a “Shields Up Event,” we are reviewing our top recommendations for protecting your organization against cyber threats.

In previous weeks we discussed tools and technologies to reduce the potential for a cyber intrusion as well as the importance of end-user education.  This week we touch on the readiness required to respond to a potential cybersecurity incident.  Here are our top recommendations:

  • Work with your internal IT team or IT provider to document the intended response to a suspected cybersecurity incident, including first step mitigations to prevent the spread of the issue, who to contact to report the incident, and who is responsible for handling the technical response, communications, legal, and business continuity.
  • Identify the organization’s needs for additional support to respond to an incident.
  • Conduct a practice exercise to ensure that all participants understand their roles during an incident.
  • Test backup procedures to ensure critical data will be rapidly restored if the organization is impacted by ransomware or a destructive cyberattack.
  • Review your organization’s cybersecurity (cyber liability) insurance and understand who to contact, and when, in the event of an incident.

If you would like to learn more about cybersecurity response or how to protect your organization from cyber threats, contact us.

Important Microsoft Announcements:

  • Microsoft will be rolling out price increases for seat based CSP licensing (Microsoft 365, Office 365) starting in January 2022. In addition, they will be introducing annual and potentially 3-year licensing agreements. The pricing changes will substantially increase the price for month to month CSP agreements. Please contact us at to understand how you can minimize the impact of the upcoming price increases.
  • Microsoft will begin the rollout of Windows 11 through Windows Update as an update to Windows 10 machines starting on October 5, 2021. This update can be postponed. If you need assistance with controlling the rollout of Windows 11 to your organization, please contact TechWise Group or your IT department.
  • Starting November 1, 2021, the following versions of Outlook for Windows, as part of Office and Microsoft 365 Apps, will not be able to connect with Office 365 and Microsoft 365 services:

Office 2013

5.0.4970.9999 and older

Office 2016

6.0.4599.9999 and older

Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise (formerly Office 365 ProPlus)

705 and older

Microsoft 365 Apps for business (formerly Office 365 Business)

705 and older