Depiction of a home smart app. Tech gadgets for your home can make your life easier.

Smart Tech Gifts For The Home – Tech Tip for December 23, 2019

To continue our December theme of Tech Gifts, this week we are taking a look at fun gadgets to add to your home. Check out our list of smart home presents as you finish up your holiday shopping for friends and family.

Arlo Pro 2 Smart Camera
Get a security camera that protects your home (both indoors and outdoors) while keeping all video footage private. This device has had great reviews and comes with 7 days of free video storage.

Click and Grow Indoor Garden
The ideal gift for folks who love gardening but may not have the space or time to tend to an outdoor garden. This smart kit looks stylish and is easy to maintain with self-watering features. Put it in the kitchen and grow your favorite herbs and veggies.

Philips Sunrise Alarm Clock
Sick and tired of your current alarm? Get an alarm clock that simulates the sunrise with a clinically proven light therapy lamp. Wake up with the gradual brightening of natural light in your room (you can also use the device to read in the evenings and fall asleep faster as well!).