Tech Tip * March 2, 2016

Go Clean Out Your Phone With Soap!

Sure, lots of folks are looking at the calendar, seeing it is March, and thinking St. Patrick’s Day. But for many others, right around the corner is Springtime, and with that comes the annual urge to clean the clutter! But cleaning tasks don’t have to be boring and time-consuming; in fact, they can be a fun and money-saving five-minute experience.  
Did you know that your cellphone carries 10 times more bacteria that most toilet seats? Consider adding your smartphone to the list of “To Clean” items, right below scrubbing floors and polishing windows. PhoneSoap 2.0 is a clever invention to clean 99.99% of the bacteria on your smartphone – all while recharging the battery! The way it works; special lamps produce a wavelength of light in the device that compromises the bacterial DNA, killing germs and sanitizing the target, as shown below:
Check out PhoneSoap 2.0; consider cleaning your cell phone to lighten the burden of that annual Spring Cleaning, while fending off cold and flu germs floating all around! Special thanks to my colleague Sabine for her research on this month’s Tech Tips! See you next week!