Laptop on the beach.


Travel Fun: Tech Safety – Tech Tip for June 1, 2021

With so many folks getting vaccinated and COVID rates on the decline, this June is starting to look and feel a bit more normal than last year. Many of us are looking forward to graduations and a little bit of travel, so we thought it would be fun to share some tech travel tips this month as well as gifts and gadgets to add some tech fun and safety to your summer.

Safety first! Here are some tips to protect your technology while at the beach or traveling anywhere:

Be Secure

If you must access work information or your bank information while you travel, be secure.

  1. Make sure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is enabled for your apps.
  2. If you use Microsoft 365 for email and collaboration, lucky you! Your information is encrypted at rest and in motion. However, if you are accessing work systems that are older, you might want to consider a secure VPN service.
  3. Traveling with a laptop? make sure that BitLocker is enabled so that your drive is encrypted.
  4. Save everything to the cloud. Don’t risk losing your data if you accidentally lose or break your device.

Get Some Shade

Don’t let your tech sunbathe next to you in direct sunlight. It can cause it to overheat – something that can damage the battery and circuits. Instead, store your tech away in a cool and dry place.

Zip It

Protect your gear with Ziploc bags. Place each item in its own bag to keep sand and water out.

Wipe it Down

After every beachside use, clean your phone, case and other tech with a wipe specifically made for electronics. Leaving your devices covered in sticky and slippery residue from sunscreen or bug spray will only leave them prone to damage.

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